About The Preschool Center

 The Preschool Center accepts children ages 2-6 and is separated into 2 groups, the Caterpillars and the Butterflies.  The Caterpillars are the younger group of children and the Butterflies are the older group of children. There is also before and after school Kindergarten care available if your child attends nearby Robert Down Elementary School.

The children sign in upon arrival.

The younger children find their picture and put it on the attendance chart.

Cozy home-like reading area.

The children's jobs are taking care of their pets.  We have birds, frogs, fish, and hamsters.   They enjoy watching the nesting cycle of the doves.

Circle time for the older Butterfly group.

Circle time for the younger Caterpillar group.

The playground has a camp-like feeling, with lots of bears and plants.

The children help care for the plants in their playground environment.