About The Infant/Toddler Center

The Infant/Toddler Center is the only Infant Center in the Pacific Grove area.  We accept newborns 6 weeks to 2 years of age.  It has a warm home-like setting with a quiet napping area.  There is a fun outdoor area for the toddlers to play on their own  playground, and a safe outside area for the babies to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine too!

The Caregivers in the Infant/Toddler Center are all mothers themselves and are very nurturing and loving with the babies.  Each Caregiver has a background in infant/toddler care and they give lots of hugs!  We use only natural lighting from our windows to give a warm intimate feeling.
There is a special area for breastfeeding mothers, with comfy rocking chairs in the environment.

Infant/Toddler room.

Infant/Toddler Outside play area.